Report an Outage

Report an Outage

Report your power outage by phone!

Call the office during business hours.  1-877-783-8765 and select the option to report an outage.

Call the after hours number.  1-877-783-3221

Report your power outage by text!

When you text the word 'outage' to 55050 it notifies us that you are without power. You will receive a text that says 'Outage Reported Successfully'. When your electric service has been restored, you will get a second message that says 'Power in your area has been restored'.

To set up outage texting, your mobile phone number must be in our system. Please call our office to verify your mobile number is in our system before you attempt to set up outage texting. If your number is not in our system, you will then need to wait 24 hours before proceeding with setting up your outage texting service to allow the number to be transferred to the proper database.

Before you begin, we suggest you watch this short video to help you setup your outage texting. Select the following link when you are ready to setup your outage texting or you can select the image above to begin. Remember to use the mobile phone number. You will need the account number(s) for any accounts you wish to set up. This can be found on your billing statement.

The outage texting system is a different system from our billing system. Even if you have login information for making payments on our billing system, you will need to register as a new user when signing up for outage texting. You can use your same information, but as they are differing systems, you will need to register.

Once you've set your account up, consider saving 55050 to your contacts on your phone, along with any key words you have used to identify your services if you have more than one.

Reporting your outage by texting should only be used to report a total service outage. If you need to report items such as blinks, partial power, broken pole or other service related items or need to report a safety concern, please call 877-783-3221.

Before texting, verify your service is without power by looking at your meter. If you can not see the digital numbers in the display, then there truly is a service outage. If you can see the numbers in the digital display, then there is power to your meter and you have a localized issue on your side of the meter and will need to check for tripped breakers or blown fuses, or will need to contact your electrician.