Residential Rates Facility Charge per Month Cost/kWh

Rate 1 -

Regular Rate

$25.00 $0.1078 for all k.w.h. per month

Rate 8 -

**Electric Heat Rate


$0.1250 for all k.w.h. per month Jun-Oct

$0.1250 for first 500 k.w.h. per month Nov-May

$0.0725 for all k.w.h. above 500 per month Nov-May











** Contact our office to inquire about Electric Heat Rate.  Available to members of the cooperative for uses where electricity is the sole source of all space heating energy subject to its established rules and regulations.  Service under this schedule is limited to individual motors up to and including ten horsepower (10 H.P.).   We can run a rate comparison if you have 12 months a history indicating possibly savings if moving to Electric Heat Rate.  The member must remain on Electric Heat Rate for a minimum of 12 months.