About Viasat


CoBank, a cooperative bank, is partnering with No Barriers Warriors and is sponsoring up to 50 Veterans from rural areas across the U.S. to participate in an outdoor expedition that challenges them mentally and physically and help them to transform their lives. The full cost of the program, including travel, will be covered by CoBank. CoBank has invited Norris Electric to nominate a veteran with a disability from our community. If you know of a disabled veteran that would benefit from the No Barriers Warriors program, please contact Norris Electric before April 1st.

About Viasat

Welcome to Viasat Internet service from Norris Electric. We are very proud to bring you satellite high-speed internet. Our goal is to give each of our members the fastest service at the lowest price possible.

We are committed to providing you with excellent service and hope you will enjoy all of the features and benefits of this service.

The following tabs will outline our service and give you an overview of the packages available. After reviewing the following information, if you still have questions, please contact our office at 877-783-8765.