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Tree Trimming

Trees are an essential part of the environment.  They protect our homes from the elements and provide cooling shade, they help clean the air we breath, and they are esthetically pleasing.  During storms however, they can cause damage to power lines and poles, and create outages.This is why the Cooperative does year round trimming and removal of trees within the service territory.

If you have a tree with a limb near the lines or plan on trimming a tree that is in danger of falling on the lines, we ask that you contact us before doing any work. If the limb(s) or tree could strike a power line in the process of removal, we would prefer our crews or a contractor crew working for us remove the dangerous tree or limb. Before any tree removal or trimming near power lines, call us at 877-783-8765.

Our goal is to trim and mow rights-of-way on a regular, cyclical basis. We use manual tree trimming and removal, mechanical trimming and mowing and herbicides to efficiently and effectively maintain the electric system to minimize power outages.

See our Clearing Guide for Right of Way.

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